Ribbon & Elastic

As well as having a vast range of ribbon and elastic colours and finishes we can Pantone match any colour.

One of the more recognisable features of the notebook would be the elastic and ribbon. Often they simply match the cover colour, but across many of our ranges and if you build your own you can choose the colours yourself. This allows you to build your brand colours into the product at little to no extra cost. We have hundreds of ribbons to choose from, and can generally match your Pantone without any special manufacture or added time to your order.

For the elastic, we have stocks of all the most popular colours. If you’re going for a large order and have a little extra time, we can also Pantone match your elastic and have this dyed specially.  For something extra special, a small metal tag with your logo can be attached to the elastic. This can be printed with your logo colours and details, or emblazoned with a gel sticker on either side. We require just over 3 weeks to manufacture these tags and attach them to build-from-scratch books.