Pen Loops

A great addition to executive notebooks, allowing you to easily attach pens or pencils to your notebook.

A popular addition to many notebook giveaways is the ability to add a complementary pen or pencil. Rather than having this item get lost or separated from the notebook, adding a pen loop means that the pen or pencil can be stored safely with the book. A pen loop comprises an elastic band of varying widths and thicknesses, that tends to be attached on the back cover of the book, allowing the pen or pencil to sit in the groove between the cover along the outside edge of the book block.

Your pen loop can either be hidden at the back, glued underneath a pocket and on the inside of the case, or a rivet can be exposed on the back cover holding the loop in place. We can also provide stick-on pen loops for all other notebooks such as Moleskines and wire bound books. If you are custom manufacturing your items, you can choose the length of the loop to fit different sized pens to your specification. We have lots of different colours available, so many that we can offer a close Pantone match service. Lots of our off-the-shelf stock options, such as the Castelli Tucson, come with a pen loop as standard.