A great way to individually personalise your custom made notebooks, with foiled initials.

Monogramming is one of the our most popular methods of personalising a higher end book for a client, such as a leather journal. In general, a monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol. Monograms are often made by combining the initials of an individual or a company, used as recognizable symbols or logos. In the context of our books, we tend to foil or deboss initials of individual clients onto the books, going as far as writing out full names.

Where two or three initials are required on the journal we will use existing dies in predetermined fonts, and then typeset your initials by hand before applying them to the book. In the case of a larger run or requiring specialist fonts with the initials, we would produce a die-stamp just like any other logo. We also have a Schmedt Prazimark machine that we can use to digitally layout your monogram on a computer screen, prior to applying automatically. This is good for runs across many different names and initials.