Beginning with the same method as debossing, your logo is milled onto a brass die and heated before a coloured film is placed between the die and the cover, leaving a coloured impression.

What is Notebook Foiling

Foiling, or foil blocking, is a classic option that is especially well suited to our custom leather and non-leather products. Foil blocking uses the same brass die-stamp as debossing, however, a thin film covered in a heat transfer foil is impressed against the book, transferring the foil to the cover. As the heat does a lot of the work, the impression is not as deep as with debossing. Foiling is a perfect way to add some colour to your custom Moleskine journal or any of our leather and vegan leather notebooks, this is a classic branding style making sure your notebooks stand out with your brand at the forefront.

We keep your die-stamp on file so that you can come back to us whenever you want for repeat orders. The most popular options for foiling are metallic gold and metallic silver. However, there are many other options available. We have foiled both metallic turquoise and metallic pink in the past. Other options that are available are both matt and gloss colours. Various foils can be applied to all of our products, with a huge range of colours available for our non-leather books, and around a dozen different colours perfect for our real leather books.

Machinery and Capabilities

Bookblock also has two hand operated and one computer controlled letterpress machines, allowing us to offer individual names on each customized journal or Moleskine. This added customization makes an excellent gift for either your employees or customers, we have multiple fonts and text sizes available in a full range of colours, from the classic silver or gold throughout to Pantone colours. Please get in contact to find out more information or click below to start making your own custom notebook.