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We manufacture real leather and non-leather custom notebooks to your design

We can guide you through our manufacturing process, or offer some great off-the-shelf options from the likes of Moleskine and Castelli. Whether you want something simple for your conference, or want to design your own bespoke notebooks with your choice of branded cover, colour, printing, ribbon and elastic, we can do it. We’re ready to help build your custom notebook!

Notebook Options



The most popular style available across Moleskine, Castelli & Monsieur. Strong, tough and durable.


Soft Cover

A more flexible notebook also available across the main brands. A great choice for the creatives.


Ring Bound

Where there’s the need to lie perfectly flat, and tear out pages are a must. Perfect for scrapbooks and quick use.


Custom Printed

Free from limitations, this option allows for any artwork to be printed full bleed on the entire notebook.


We offer our own leather-free notebooks in a wide range of colours.
Materials include Moleskine-style, Faux Leather, Soft Touch and Bookcloth. Ask us for a list of options.

Indigo Blue
Royal Blue
China Blue
Neon Green
Blue Curacao
Coral Red
Bright Green
French Blue
Forest Green
Bright Blue



Outside Customization Options

  • Debossing / Blind Embossing

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    leather notebook manufacturers

    Debossing, or blind embossing, is the process of imprinting a design into the leather. This effect works especially well on our leather notebooks, creating an interesting texture and professional finish.

  • Foiling

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    bespoke stationery manufacturers

    Foil blocking uses a heated die to impress a design onto the leather – a process which is much the same as blind embossing. We can offer foil blocking in many colours, the most popular being gold and silver.

  • Custom Bands/Wraps

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    UK stationery suppliers

    We can produce custom belly wraps for your books. You choose the design, the width and paper stock, and we can have these printed and inserted into your finished notebooks. Barcoding is also available.

  • Full Colour Logo

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    leather notebook supplier UK

    Where one or two colours in your logo are not enough to represent your brand, we’d recommend a full colour logo. This is achieved using a UV printer, allowing a rainbow of colours on any substrate.

  • Custom Packaging

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    blind embossing leather notebook

    If you wish to make an extra special impression, we can provide you with custom branded boxes and slipcases to fit your notebooks. These can also be debossed and foiled.

  • Custom Elastic / Ribbon

    bespoke printed notebooks London
    UK stationery suppliers

    You can customize your notebook with different coloured elastics and ribbons. This can be a great finishing touch to your notebooks, matching your brand colours or creating a range.

Inside Customization Options

  • Printed Books

    embossed leather notebook
    leather notebook manufacturers

    Want a watermark on every page? We can print your designs in full colour, whether it be text, graphics or images, throughout the notebook. We are also cut index tabs out of your notebooks.

  • Custom Inserts

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    leather notebook supplier UK

    Why not add custom pages to your notebooks, whether these be single pages in the front or back of your book, or a leaflet providing further information about your company. Please ask us for further options.

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